ACBL Unit 122

District 11

2018 New Life Masters

Janet Cordova

Mary Hungerford

Missing from the New Life Masters pictures are:

Cindy Libster, Mitch Libster, Hugh McCracken, Nancy Medley, Bipin Tandon, and Shobha Tandon

Tom Bishel

The John Davis Trophy Winner


Event Flier




Location: York Golf Club

7459 N. High St, Columbus, OH 43235

March 29, 2019



WELCOME: We invite players of all abilities to join in weekly games at various clubs in our district. If you need a partner, we can find you one.


You don't need any special knowledge to play. All sessions are open to anyone who knows how to play bridge, and there are special weekly games just for novice, intermediate, and Life Master players. By playing, winners and runners-up are awarded master points from the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL).  These master points can be accumulated to earn the distinction of becoming a Life Master bridge player and more.


All games are duplicate style, which means that the same deals are played at all tables during a session. Everyone plays "regular" bridge, but the game is scored by comparing your score with others who play the same hands. Unlike rubber bridge, your score depends only on how well you bid and play the cards you hold --- not on how "good" your cards actually are.


If you don't know how to play, Bridge lessons are given by a number of Certified Life Master Bridge Teachers and several locations. We invite you to play and learn. We are all learning daily.